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 A design challenge

A very common matching network is the T-match with 2 capacitors and 1 inductor.

This is network number 6 in the table.

On the second page is a description of the T-match.

Like the L-match example, the T-match can be used when RL is greater than Rs.

Here's the challenge:
Let Rs = 50 ohms and RL = 250 ohm.
Let the design frequency be 7 MHz.
Find values for the two capacitors and the inductor in the T-match.

73 de VA2GLU


During class, we matched a 250 ohm antenna to a 50 ohm transmission line using:

1. the design equations for an LC network (ARRL Handbook)

2. an analysis based on conjugate matching

3. Smith Chart

The point of doing this 3 ways is to show the consistency in the results.
You don't have to print out any of this info.

However, maybe printing the BLANK SMITH CHART (PDF) could be helpful.

73 de VA2GLU



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