SWR explication avec beaucoup d'exemples.

Le "power meter" en qrp de Oak Hills Research. Un beau kit!

The calculations in the video on dummy loads is as follows: With the 100 ohm dummy load, we expect an SWR = 100/50 = 2. What we measure is Forward Power, P_for = 0.70 W and Reflected Power, P_ref = 0.075 W (I miss-spoke in the video saying 0.75 W rather than 0.075 W). The Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, the SWR, is [1+sqrt(P_ref/P_for)]/[1-sqrt(P_ref/P_for)] = [1+sqrt(.075/.7)]/[1-sqrt(.075/.7)] = 1.97 +/- 5% and thus a very good confirmation of the meter's performance.

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